Add Custom Charm to Your Bathroom

Add Custom Charm to Your Bathroom


If you're interested in adding something special to your kitchen or bathroom, talk to Foust Flooring about custom tile work. Our flooring contractor offers tile installation in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area.

Custom tile is a great way to add character and durability to your space. The options are endless when it comes to the color, style and size of the tile you can put in your room. We have tiles for backsplashes, flooring, bathrooms, pools, patios, and kitchens.

Bathroom Tile Installation
One of the best ways to transform your dull outdated bathroom in your Winston-Salem home is by rethinking how your floor should look. Being that the bathroom is one of the most high-traffic rooms in the household, floor tile is the most common flooring we install for bathrooms.

Kitchen Tile Installation
Your kitchen isn't just a place where you cook food, rather it's the place your family comes to gather. At Foust Flooring, our expert tile installers will work with you to narrow down the type of textures, patterns and sizes of tiles you are looking for. Your dream kitchen starts today.

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We work with attention to detail during the tile installation process. You want straight lines and even grout on every job. Install tile in your home because:

  1. It's waterproof
  2. It's durable
  3. It's easy to maintain

Contact Foust Flooring today to learn more about our custom tile options in Winston-Salem, NC

  1. Request an estimate directly on our website
  2. One of our flooring installers will visit your home to inspect the jobsite and measure the flooring area.
  3. Your expert installer will go over the types of tile flooring you can choose from and will explain the installation process with your budget in mind
  4. Our team will come in and install your new tile flooring with efficiency and will provide maintenance tips to insure the life expectancy of your new flooring
  5. Have questions in the future or need flooring assistance, don't hesitate to call us back!

Foust Flooring is your expert tile flooring contractor in Winston-Salem, call us today.